My ass really is quite colorful.


It’s tender to the touch, and Master loves reminding me of my punishment by squeezing the bruises.
Every time I sit, pricks of pain wash over me.
Being trained to take Sir’s caning is the toughest thing I’ve ever done, but the results are so worth it!


So every time i cum, i rub a little under my nose. Sir says that’s the only way i can smell my own juices. 

Abusing her - part 1~ Writen by Sir

You are left at my front door, naked, arms tied, blindfolded and gagged. As I answer the doorbell, I see a van drive off and you laying there in the cold night air. I lift you up onto your knees, head down on the floor of the porch, my foot at your neck holding you down while I smack your cold ass hard. The cold air makes the pain more intense. After 10 hard, cold smacks and your ass is nice and pink, I grab you by the hair and tell you to stay on your knees as I pull you into the house. Too bad if you can’t keep up, your hair is being pulled hard.

I let go of my fistful of hair well into the house… you fall over on the carpet. I pull you back up to a kneeling position and smack your ass again, “stay on your knees, slut! spread your legs.” You spread them as I shove a finger into your leaking little cunt, then another finger… as two fingers root around inside of you I start to massage the inner wall of your cunt making you moan and grind as your g-spot is being rubbed… a nice change from the pain in your ass.

But not for long, I continue smacking it harder… with enough force to push your face forward on the carpeting… the color now starting to turn red… and slightly purple as the smacks get more forceful… all while massaging your g-spot.

Your cunt is just flowing with juice… I remove my fingers and smear them around your face, especially under your nose so that you can smell your scent.
I pull my cock out of my pants, aim it at the opening of your cunt and push it quickly inside, the force moving you forward. I continue smacking your ass and tell you to start fucking my cock. You comply, weakly moving back and forth, impaling yourself on my cock. “Faster, slut!” is punctuated with harder smacks on your ass… you pick up the pace, moving your hips back and forth as my cock slides easily in and out of your cunt.
"Not fast enough!" I roughly grab your hips and move your cunt back and forth on my cock much faster, our bodies slapping together with each hard inward thrust. After several minutes of fucking you hard and fast and smacking your ass, I start to cum… I pull out of your cunt and cum on your ass. When I’m done taking my pleasure, I scoop up some and smear it on your face.

I leave you there, kneeling with your ass high in the air, legs spread, cunt dripping, face buried in the carpet… ready to be used again soon. The other hole will be my next target.

The idea that I actually ‘went’ anywhere is a mere illusion, but since you’re blindfolded and in a well fucked haze adds to the possibility that you are alone and naked, wearing my cum.

Sitting on a chair, my pants off now, I admire the view. Your red ass up in the air, legs spread, cunt juice dripping out… mewing and humping the air.
I slowly get off the chair, come up behind you and start to smack your already painful ass… I dip a thumb into your cunt to get it wet then move it up to your asshole and start to push it in. It slides in easily as you move away from the invasion… I smack you hard on the ass saying “Stay put, slut!” You move back in position causing my thumb to go into your ass deeper.

Getting in position behind you, my hard cock in the other hand I pull my thumb out and replace it with my cock… I start pushing, ignoring your whines… grabbing your hips roughly as my cock slides into your ass.
I move your ass up and down on my cock… it’s so very very warm and tight. I pick up the pace, drilling into your ass faster and harder my cock easily going all the way into your red, upturned ass.

I grab your hair, pulling your head up… forcing you up, then reach under you to maul your tits and roughly pinch your nipples… my cock buried deep in your ass as I grind deeper.
After several minutes of pounding into your asshole, I start to cum…. I pull your hips hard forcing my cock deep inside of you as my cock spasms and it’s sticky fluid pumps into your ass. I let out a long moan and throw my head back as my orgasm takes hold of me.

Finished with you again, I pull my cock out and push you onto the floor… a heap of now freshly assfucked flesh.

To keep your ass occupied I insert a hook… it has a ball on the business end, and the part that protrudes from your ass hooks up your back and forms a small circle. The small circle is large enough for rope to run through. I bunch up some of your hair, tie it with twine and thread the other end through the hole at the top of the hook, already buried in your ass. I pull the twine through the hole causing your hair to pull down your back and your head to come up, as the hook burrows deeper inside of you.

Satisfied with your position, I tie it off… give your ass a few hard smacks and THEN leave the room.
Coming back after an hour, you’re on your side, your head pulled way back but resting on the floor as the hook is deep in your ass… I smack your ass and you shake awake, moaning into your gag.

I kneel down at your head and remove the gag and replace it with my cock… I start to move it in and out of your mouth. You’re way too tired to not comply. As my cock gets harder, I move faster… fucking the last hole on your body, taking my pleasure while you are bound up tight.

I use the fingers of one hand to pinch and twist your nipples… pulling them up and off your chest, then twisting them around and letting them bounce back into place. I repeat that several times as you lather up my cock sawing in and out of your mouth.

Grabbing roughly onto a nipple, I squeeze it hard as I push my cock as far as I can in your mouth…. the moan would be a scream if your mouth wasn’t full of cock. Your tongue works on my cock and I feel another orgasm triggered by your gyrations on the floor… somewhat limited by your position.

I push all the way in again as I cum…. warm gooey fluid flooding your mouth and going down your throat. When I finish, I move in and out a few more times, giving your nipples a good pinch.

Then there’s a knock at the door… I remove my cock, your head falls to the ground. I answer the door, three men enter and see you naked and spent on the floor, moaning.
"She’s all yours, guys"

The three men come into the room, look at you…. naked on the floor. One man looks to me, nods in approval and gestures to the other men, pointing at you.

The other two move toward you, one unties the twine in your hair, the other starts pulling the hook from your asshole. You moan and screech, the man pulling out the hook hits your ass hard…. in the same place that the purple patch has developed and says “Quiet!”. You bite your lower lip as the hook is removed and laid on the floor.

Still on your stomach, one man grabs your shoulders, the other grabs your legs and they lift you up. Naked, blindfolded and hands still tied, they carry you out and into their van.

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