So after 10 tonight I’m going to be ranting hardcore about degrassi. Also I hate how in the promo they show people having to be in the storm with people they really don’t get along with.

So after Imogen got all the girls to dress how they want & they didn’t end up coming into school dressed like a music video girl, why didn’t she & beky kiss during that hug. Oh everyone saw it!! it was kinda like eye sex. I hope becky being all bff with imogen is just her way of not dealing with adams death. 

i didnt cry last week when Adam died but I did this week.. fuck you degrassi

Tonight I’m gong to lose shit, while watching Degrassi. I’ve been an Adam fan from the start. I can’t believe he’s gone for good. In my head I’m thinking someone is having a bad dream and they are going to wake up and call Adam and then Adam’s like bro I’m safe I’ve just been doing camp stuff all summer. What is Becky going to so when sr prom comes around? She should have gone to the prom with Adam but nooo he’s not around… Adam just wake up and say this is some kinda prank!!

If Adam ends up dying, just know your tumblr family is here for you. If you want to vent or anything you can come to my ask box. Just know no matter what live or die Adam is and always will be a great person.

Wait do the kids in France know that Adam is in th ICU?

Adam you have to be ok you can’t die at camp… your little camp buddy Cole, what is going to happen when someone tells him? 

I had my facebook icon as Adam fro degrassi & most times when people would add me, they’d be like oh your hot. Sorry I’m not as hot as Adam.

yea Adam is going to be in season 13. That means I can update more on my Adam facebook page, but the bad thing is they are changed degrassi to Thursdays at 9.. Do they not know that Glee is on at that time!

when fiona & adam make out in the loft, I get turned on.


The writers will probably destroy our dreams.


The writers will probably destroy our dreams.


If Becky breaks Adam’s heart, I swear to God heads will roll.

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