Some of the people from degrassi are going to be on teennick top 10 tonight

i use to think neil degrasse  had something to do with degrassi, dont ask me why

this tuesday Maya is going to get in a little boy fight. Why cant she just be poly and date them both at the same time?

in my heart there will always be a beckogen.

i’m already starting to hate my tumblr icon but i just changed it no too long ago. there needs to be better pictures of Becky and Imogen together!

so degrassi is having a country themed dance, but didn’t they already do that when they had above the dot?

I so like Tuesdays, first Glee comes on than Degrassi ( for an hour this week) than the little couple.

I now ship Beckogen (Becky & Imogen)

omg Imogen, you can’t just come to school without yovur bra on… even though I think thats hot!

thanks a lot degrassi for giving me a break down tonight.

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