I want a Maya Matlin shirt. I loved the meaning and it’s sad that we still live in a day in age where people don’t know that if someone is drunk you can’t have your way with them.

im going to end up crying because only two more episodes of Degrassi and next weeks is an hour long. What I don’t like is that next week Clare will be in NY with Eli and why are Zoe and Maya fighting with one another?

so they keep having this episodes of Degrassi where a female student gets raped, but I’d like there to be a male students side. I know they had that little thing with kc and coach carson but its like they didn’t go as in depth with it as they do the female stories. We live in times were boys need to know its ok to talk about this and that what they have to say is important! 

Degrassi is on tonight and as much as i hate tristan, i cant wait to see who he tells about him and the english teacher.

So many weird faces being made at the tv tonight while watching Degrassi, most the parts that had Tristan in them. I just wanna yell at him and say no booty sex with your teacher and lose the weird hair color. 

I would live blog Degrassi but i dont have a lap to or a tablet and i really don’t like posting from my phone, but i’ll rant tonight or early in the am

ugh Becky baby let me love you. I love how your mom is all ” I’m sorry we haven’t been that nice to you, we need to come together as a family, but when your brother goes to trial please back him up.” HELLO he raped someone you can’t make what he did go away 

so you know how there is this rule that you can’t be american to be on degrassi, well the executive producer Stephen Stohn was born in  Colorado. so I think the no american rule should be kicked out.

Why can’t they make a book, movie, or tv show were a “white” girl gets cancer and doesn’t need no man to fall in love with or something like that. Like why can’t she just say ya know what fuck it I’m going to have a kick ass time with the girlfriends and live like nothing is wrong with me. Nooo people think just because a girl gets cancer she’s going to end up all sad and some guy is going to walk into her life and be like “let me show you how to live life”.

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