in my heart there will always be a beckogen.

i’m already starting to hate my tumblr icon but i just changed it no too long ago. there needs to be better pictures of Becky and Imogen together!

So after Imogen got all the girls to dress how they want & they didn’t end up coming into school dressed like a music video girl, why didn’t she & beky kiss during that hug. Oh everyone saw it!! it was kinda like eye sex. I hope becky being all bff with imogen is just her way of not dealing with adams death. 

I now ship Beckogen (Becky & Imogen)

omg Imogen, you can’t just come to school without yovur bra on… even though I think thats hot!

Wait are Becky and Imogen going to be a thing? I thought Becky hated Imogen and does she even know Adam and Imogen almost did the dirty right before he died? Like are they both pan sexual now or what? If they are going to get together, what is their ship name?


12 Days of Degrassi

On the twelfth day of Degrassi, my true love gave to me…

12 Degrassi Seasons

11 Smirking Eli’s

10 Smiling Girls

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my old url was the-queer-kid. i'm Lexii 23 years young. forever alone .Degrassi & trlw lover. If you buy me a pet pig i will forever love you, but at the same time I love bacon.