so ya’ll know how I said I’m lesbian or pansexual cuz I would date ftm’s but I would never date a cis male, well I found one guy I’d date. I really don’t know how he feels about me but we talk if that counts for anything.

I think at one point in time 99% of lesbians rock a picture with this necklace on.

I think at one point in time 99% of lesbians rock a picture with this necklace on.

so i have this problem of liking to follow lesbians named kendra, if you get why i kinda like the name kendra than you know me well.

thinking about making a blog were lesbians submit a picture of themselves and their cat(s), is that a good idea or no???

if you wanna get in my pants, just tell me you’re in the army or something like that..

before I became a fan of tumblr I didn’t even know about Ocala, but now it seem like all the hot girls live there.

I really wanna skip my college success class, but on the other hand, I think that teacher is gay and she’s kinda cute if you’re into that older woman who may be into hiking and curious george type of thing.

It’s weird, that The first ever lesbian couple I ever met just broke up. It sucks because one of the kids was bio and the other two were adopted. Part of me wants to show the kids that there are tons of other kids with two parents of the same sex who aren’t together anymore but they both love you the same. I think when people make books for kids about break ups and stuff, they should show parents of the same sex too. 

oh btw I must follow way too many lesbians because those two who have a tumblr, I don’t even know their urls

My ex girlfriend is going to Missouri S&T in the fall! 

One of my facebook friends who is 22 max just got married, to the father of her two kids. Now I wouldn’t be mad at all, but when she got pregnant the first time she was 18 and the father was only 16, what does that mean, rape. Even if the two wanted to have sex together because she was already 18 and he was under age it’s like she raped him. So now that means the kid can’t be more than 20.

Yet gay and lesbian people who have done nothing wrong can’t married because those who make the laws say so, but when it comes to something like this my friend can marry someone who she once hated and who by law she “raped”.

I feel like nobody is doing a big tumblr meet up at any pride this summer. Last summer there was that big meet up in SF but this year nobody is doing anything.

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