My hands like to play a type of game…

the type where they hind from the cold world.

Where my hands hide is nice and warm kind of like warm summers in the south.

After a while a soft rain starts to fall, my hands fall deeper.

Soon the fall hard and my body starts to shake,

maybe it the cold rain that makes my body shake nonstop.

My hands leave their warm spot.

My job here is done for now.

Wrote this for a scholarship. A Cable TV Haiku.


Hundreds of channels
Nothing on but fakes and fools
Must be Jersey Shore

watching Louder Than a Bomb.

(Source: queer-kid)


Your parents gave birth to four boys,

they wanted just one girl so they went overseas to look.

You were the one who kinda picked out that man, the way you looked at him.

Those people who adopted you now hate you.

They wanted four boys and a girl, not 5 boys.

Never have they spoke the name you want,never once have they asked about me ( your girlfriend ).

You aren’t that little baby they brought home so many years ago…

you have grown up you’re better than whatever thought they think about you.

You are a boy  MAN!!

(Source: queer-kid)

queer kid

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