Thanks a lot tumblr!!!

Thanks a lot tumblr!!!

for once on valentine’s day I want to have a real love. The past two years, I’ve been saying my bff is my date but since she’s dating now I can’t say that. In high school when they would hand out flowers in homeroom I knew I was never going to get anything & even in grade school you had to give eeryone a card so its like saying “I hate you but I have to give one to everyone in the class” 

are there valentine’s day cards for someone you are “talking” to but not dating but you know both of yall have feelings for one another?

Degrassi Valentines  | Set two
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things that will make tumblr crash today

1. Glee

2. Valentines day love/hate

3. Topless Tuesday/Tmi ask

I have a great Valentines date.


Glee will be picking me and my right hand up around 8 p.m.


Perfect Valentines Day Card?


Perfect Valentines Day Card?

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